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basshybridguitar – Rahel Steiner
drums – Davix

Guests on 1:
voices & synths on «Voodoo Ghost» – plastiq: Lena Geue, Luka Lenzin
electric guitar on «Hildegard» – Roli Saum
sax on «Karawan» – Achim Escher
electric guitar on «Dubix» and guitar solo on «Klickhop» – Simon Rupp
electronics on «Klickhop» – Anina Hug
synths on «Spinne» – Zlotan

percussion on «Exbrayat» and click on «Klickhop» – Davix
voices on «Hildegard» and «127», melodic instruments on «Exbrayat», «Karawan» and «Klickhop» – Rahel Steiner

recorded in October 2021 at room 303, Sedel, Emmenbrücke by Nie
some overdubs from Hamburg, London, Luzern and Kriens
mixed by Davide Mistretta at Phonicalab
mastered by Pablo Stalder, Luzern

zine artwork by Sabina Oehninger, Wanda Fleck, Angelo Fausto Saum, Lina Müller, Unknown, Christov Rolla, Anna-Lisa Schneeberger, Henry Love, Rahel Steiner, Davix
design by Nie

released December 11, 2021